Friday, July 16, 2010

Illustration Designs, etc.

Below are a few preliminary paintings and sketches for illustration ideas.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cartoon Study

The Illustrators at the Creation Museum gave me a project requiring some cartoon characters. This one is of Noah studying some plans for building his ark. I sketched it out on paper...

And then penned it in with ink.

My first attempts at Photoshop

This is one of my first Photoshop "sketches". Once I had the basics painted, I add a sea creature into my ocean scene. I created a Plesiosaur. I never did finish the painting, but I got some good experience designing it.

I also did a painting of a cartoon rhino.

Next, the illustrators at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, gave me a Photoshop project. It was a depiction of an archaeologist character named Herman Euticus.

In June I found time to experiment with another paint style, again using Photoshop. I created a scene of Noah's Flood using flat colors and various shapes. The design for the ark is based upon the latest ark models at the Creation Museum in KY.

I also created this Photoshop scene of Jonah and the Great Fish.